Supermoon Night Shoot

I went out last night to practice my night shoots.  It’s the first time I have planned an outing at night specifically to shoot.  It did not go very well.   As a scuba diver I understand the importance of checking all gear prior to an excursion, however I failed to apply this principle to my photography last night and suffered for it.  The first problem I encountered, and it was a killer, was the mounting bracket on my ball head not being properly secure which led to the camera falling from the position I had set for every shot.  I eventually figured out a way to set the head that improved the situation, but did not solve the problem and my photos suffered.  I also should have realized I could set the self timer to reduce camera shake, a technique I am fully aware of, but due to a lack of experience did not think of.  Another snag was that even though I had intended to shoot in downtown I should have realized there wouldn’t be adequate light in the locations I placed the camera and a flashlight would have been a great tool to have with me.  I also didn’t plan for coming across locations I hadn’t thought about and ended up in a park with no light at all.  It was a good learning experience and I am looking forward to getting out there again.



Sunset Shots Across The Caribbean

Snapped a few shots of the sun descending over the horizon without a cloud in the sky.  A few water taxis zoomed by for some added interest.  The main problem with shooting here is that I can take only so many sand fly bites before the exercise becomes intolerable.  Besides that I was having some difficulty getting the exposures I expected.  I shot all the photos in aperture mode with a sunny white balance (+2).  This particular shot is taken with a Nikon DX 18-135 mm @ 135mm, f5.6, 1/4000, ISO 100 with a polarizer.  Although I think this is a nice shot, it does not represent the actual mood of  the evening, so I bumped up the ISO to 800 for some subsequent shots that I feel better represent the actual tones.  I think something in between would have been best, but at this point I really don’t know.