San Juan del Sur

Our trip to the beach turned out to be exactly what we were looking for.  From Bona Fide we travelled to San Juan del Sur, a surf town in Southern Nicaragua on the Pacific.  Although we had heard San Juan del Sur is the most touristy place in Nicaragua, which perhaps it is, it wasn’t overwhelming so as there weren’t too many tourists around, it being low-season.  It does have a ‘strip’ along the beach with some nicer hotels and condos on the east side of the street and some open air restaurants along the west (which seem to be expat owned), but off the main drag along the ocean it was pretty typical Nicaragua.

We decided to splurge a little and got a room across from the beach with the view you see above.  It was really nice and we did the typical beach things-swimming, sunning, reading, a little shopping and lots of eating and drinking.  The second night we were there we heard some music (it sounded like live music) coming from a pub across the street that sounded a bit more interesting than the normal music we have been hearing.  Although I had to drag Georgia down to the pub kicking and screaming (I’m only slightly over exaggerating) for a beer, we ended up staying there for about five hours drinking beers and rum, talking with what could easily have been every expat in town, as well as many tourists, and some local nicas.  I should also mention that the music that drew us in was open mic night and, as you may well have guessed, Georgia rocked it.  It was great to see that extra level of energy and joy she gets from playing amplified music for a group of strangers.  There certainly is something special in the air in a pacific coast tropical bar.

While staying at Bona Fide a guy named Skylar came by with a girl named Willow for a visit to check out the project.  We learned that Skylar is working on a farm near San Juan del Sur and, as we were planning to head that direction about a week later, we exchanged contact info so we could visit the place he’s staying.  As life would have it, we sent him an email he would not have received, but I saw him walking on the beach the evening of open mic night and we made arrangements to visit the next morning.  So, after a fantastic night of music and new friends we visited the nearby farm for the day to see what some other people have going on in the intentional community world. Skylar was great.  He showed us around the homes, carpentry workshop, aquaponics area and took us to meet some of the community members, including Chris, the man behind the operation.  It was an interesting place you can check out at  Check out some photos here.

We had a great time in San Juan, but after four nights we felt like it was time to move on as I want to get to the Corn Islands off Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast in the next week or two in order to get some diving in.  So from San Juan we are heading to Granada for a few days before going to Laguna de Apoyo, which we hear is a good place to do some swimming and kayaking with a more local feel than San Juan.

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