The Boys of Summer

This past summer my good friend Miles Clark invited me to join him in photographing the Vancouver Canadians baseball team on their way to a league championship.  Growing up in the US with a love for sport, including baseball, and the opportunity to continue to develop my skill set as a photographer led me to a resounding YES!  It was a good time and I learned a lot about the practical uses of different cameras.  It was the first time I had shot sports photography and my Nikon D80 did not live up to the task.  I had also brought a Nikon D300 which has the fps ability to at least pretend to be a workhorse for sports photography.  Miles, a sports photographer by trade, uses a Canon 1D Mark III and a 7D, two great cameras.  When you hear the frame rate in continuous mode on the 1D you can’t help but be impressed.  The other thing that really resonated with me was knowing the sport made a huge difference and allowed me to predict where to be to catch the action.  Here are some example shots.

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